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My son is undergoing treatment for lukemia. I would like to know if we can imigrate to Canada under skill category
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I think you could but he will failed the medical exams. You can get more information here

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i have already submitted file and my file number is now coming.
I want a point table for pr in canada.means what is maximum point and want to know my point.
i m a post graduate in accounting fild.i completed my graduation( as a full time but my post graduation( completed as a part time(ex student) so how points i get in education in pr out of 25.
i have completed my and in gujarat university in india.
4 years exp.
married (my wife is graduate{b.a.,b.ed.).
i m 26years old.
no blood relative in canada.
how much point I need to score in IELTS??
how much band(every module like L,R,W,S with band) required for ielts?
pls reply me as soon as possible.
thank you....

amit patel

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