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  Hey, i was wondering a few things. My cousin´s daughter in Guyana, South America, has the potential and the knowledge to make it here in Canada. I was wondering what needs to be done, to bring her over here. She is currently 14 and is almost finished school there. I was hoping to bring her to complete her school and furthermore, make money to help her parents/my cousin.

What legal steps should be taken? How long would it take? It would be appreciated if i could get specific answers because i am not familiar with the immigration process.

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Assuming that she lives with ther parents and so on, her easiest choice would be to apply for a student visa.

She can finish her staudies here in Canada all the way to Univesity and based on her career of choice in the future, next step would be a work permit and then she may apply for a Permanent Resident status.

She would have to meet the criteria to be elegible for a Student permit though.

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