Will my marriage be recognized in Canada?

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Subject: Will my marriage be recognized in Canada?

Thank you so much for this forum´s help with my last question.

I´m in the process of getting all the immigration forms together to send in, and someone today told me that my marriage might not be recognized in Canada. My husband and I were married under his religion in a muslim (shia) court. The source of this information said we might have to get divorced and travel to another country to have a civil marriage! Is this true? As if immigration itself isn´t challenge enough.....!

Also, is it better to hire a lawyer or a consultant to manage the immigration process? Am I adding possible wait times trying to do everything myself?


RE: will my marriage be recognized in Canada (in reply to: Will my marriage be recognized in Canada?)
You don´t need to fly out to marry in order to obtain marriage cert. Now you just need to find proof of the marriage; e.g. any photo during the ceremony? any doc. proof this marriage? any relatives and friends attend this ceremony?
- How long you´ve been married? When?
- Where do you live? inside Canada or overseas?
- if you read thru´ the submission forms and still not sure what to do, I would advise you to hire someone to process it
But has to hire someone specifically in family sponsor field.

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