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Subject: Minimum stay requirements

I´ve got my COPR and am planning to land in July to get the PR cards and leave back for Singapore, where I´m working currently. My question is - after landing & receiving the PR card, what is the minimum period of time I need to reside in Canada (continuous period and total period) in order to ensure I keep my PR over the next few years?

Alternatively, if my family resides in Canada continuously and I stay here intermittently, does that change anything?

Also, as I´m a PR in Singapore currently am working there now, can I keep my Singapore PR after the Canada PR or do I need to surrender my Singapore PR.


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You have to maintain physical residency in Canada for 2 out of every 5 years to retain PR status. If your family resides in Canada continously this will not change anything. You will still have to meet the 2 years out of every 5 requirement.
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