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Subject: Self-employed-Federal Skilled Worker-noc 38list
  Hi, am i eligible to apply under federal skilled workers(38occupation lists) if i´am a self-employed? i owned a small cellphone business..
And also my best friend want to apply also under FSW but she worked under his mom´s business/family business (convenient store), is she eligible too?? btw, we are both financial/store manager & a bachelor graduate of 4 yrs degree in commerce major management.

Hellowwsss :)
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I was wondering if I can apply for immigration as a self-employed tutor. Currently, I tutor Math, Science, and English from grade 3 up to college levels. I studied life science and English at U of T and currently have a pgwp. I was also wondering what would happen to lmia if i am self-employed. thank you
Gina Jung
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