Need advise for Canadian Citizenship.

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Subject: Need advise for Canadian Citizenship.
  Hi to all experts,
I´m really eager to get answer from experts. Here´s my short story, I came to Canada in Sept,2006 as a PR and left for almost 9 months but now, I finished my phycial presence more than 1100+ days but my spouse will finish her physical presence in Sept, 2010. My question is, should I apply now or we should apply togheter? What would be best for us? Please, desperate get answer or advise from experts.
Thank you all.

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Its your choice. Since both of you are over age, you apply when your days are done. If you want to wait and apply together you can do it. It will make no difference. Only that you will do the test at teh same time, but remember each will have to do the test and it doesn´t matter if you pass it and he misses it, it will be individually. If you failed the test but he passes then he will get the citizehchip and you won´t until you do it again in front of the judge. SO, the answer is simply. YOU do NOT HAVE to apply together. Its your choice.
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