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Subject: Sponsor friend visiting Canada
  Hi there,
I´d like to sponsor a good friend of my family to visit/tour Canada from China. I am a Canadian citizen and have a well-paid professional job. I ´d like to know the posibility of getting my friend a visitor´s visa to canada? My friend is a retired professional and owns an apartment in China. His wife passed away a few years ago. He has 2 sons living in China with him.
Please help me with your experience and any information is highly appreaciated. Thanks. jenny

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it is not techically a sponsorship - you invite him, and explain that he will be your guest and you will be responsible for his housing and food. He should bring spending money. It would be best if you could reference your family as well. Try not to make it a romantic relationship - even if it is. I am not telling you to lie, I am telling you to be selective.

He will need to show significant ties to home that will insure CIC he intends to return.

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Thank you very much for your help. I found from the website of visa office in Shanghai that my friend has to submit a notaralized certificate of the relationship of applicant and the sponser. Do we need this document (we are not relatives)? Also, my friend´s daughter is a Canadina citizen but her income is very low. So technically she is not qualified to sponsor her father visiting Canada. Would this information make the application easily be refused?
Thanks again for your help in advance! Jenny

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I´d like to invite my friend of mine, to visit in Canada, I need your help how can i apply for him, and all the, and i will take the responsibilities about the housing, finacial, and ect.
How could i invite him, he is from Philippines and i will treating him as my son, but not in legally adopted but i really want to invite him?

Andrew James Mackinnon
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I would like, to visit in Canada, but I am not the one who will be take my responsibilities only my sponsorship, he is Canadian Citizen, and he would like to invite me, we had communication with more than 3 years ago. And he still wanting to come and visit him but he don´t know how to apply i just tried to send here for your information about it, so that i will let him know how to apply.

Jeff Mylie Jaballa
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