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Subject: marriage while waiting for permanent residence
  Hi, my US fiance is living with me (incanada)on a visitor´s pass as we are waiting for the family class sponsorship for permanent residence to pass thru. my part for sponsoring him has been approved now we are just waiting for his part to be approved. but we are really wanting to get married now instead of waiting until after the application was finished. The only thing is no matter how much I read I cant find anything saying whether or not we can get married during the processing time and if we did would it delay or cancel the application of permanent residence. Does anyone know for sure if we could get married before the permanent residence application is finalized without messing up the process?
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I assume you sponsored your US finance as a common-law partner?

If so - then yes, go ahead and get married. Nothing is stopping you. In fact, if you are called for an interview, the fact that you got married while waiting will only strengthen your case.

Congratulations in advance!

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