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Subject: Nisha-I need your help

I have recieved my PR papers today with three months visa & now I am Planning to visit Canada to Apply PR Card.
Couple of Questions

1. Do I need to land in same province of canada which I had mentioned in my application or can I land anywhere in Canada?

2. How long I need to stay in Canada to apply for PR.
(If some can tell me complete process to get PR Card)

I will appreciate if someone can help me in this.



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Hi Pramod,

1. You can land anywhere in Canada.

2. As soon as you land in Canada, its a standard procedure for PR, you will sign the papers and Office will be asking you few questions about you and your plans. And you will get your PR card at home. Basically right now the process is taking 90 days to get the PR card in hand. It is illegal to send the PR card through post or courier services. I would suggest you atleast stay until you get your PR card, as incase if the officer have the questions or concerns after application you can answer them easily if you are here.

Hope this will help.

Best luck.

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nisha, you made the same mistake I did - I don´t think he has even applied yet.

I think he wants to arrive for a few weeks, apply and then go off to the US to wait.

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Hi Sharon,

What I understood from his notes is he has the PR visa in his hand which has validity of 3 months to land in Canada and he is in USA on H1B. So he doesnt have time to wind up everything in USA and then land.

So he wants to come to Canada to apply for PR card so that he doesnt loose the chance to come to Canada (and doesnt loose the job in USA) and then can go back and wind up and then come back once he found job in Canada.

I may be wrong.


Keep in mind that you have to have the address in Canada (Actual address not the post box one) to deliver your PR card and some one can bring it to you in person no posting is possible.

Best luck,

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It is sure frustrating when people want clear answers to questions that are far from clear.
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