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Subject: Criminal Rehabilitation
  I wanted to post my experience with this, for I knwo I have found VERY little information on entering canada VIA Criminal Rehab


1979 - (YES 31 years ago) at 18 yrs of age my husband commited an robbery. Sentence 5 yrs probabation.

1981 - ACCUSED of stealing smokes - dismissed

2002 - I am Canadian I immigrated to the USA to marry my husband.

TODAY - AT the death of my grandfather two eyars ago we went to enter canada and were told NO, he has a record from 1979. Hence we started the criminal rehabilitation process.

what a joke

Initially we sent in everything they asked for in the application. Finger prints, court orders from 1979 (thats a entire other post) whatever we could find. Please not my husband has never had a speeding ticket since then, is self employed with a staff, owns his own home (no mortgage) very little debt and a contributing member of society. But we did all the paper letters of references, finger prints FBI etc. The FBI report showed the arrest in PA in 1980 but no charges filed.

3 months later we get the FIRST notice - the arrest in 1980 - information on it. Well because there were no charges, guess was all destroyed. We get a letter from a JUDGE in Pa stating no records. Period. Nothing. We send it back.

13 months later (this week) we get ANOTHER LETTER
1) They believe that my husband Violated probation with the 1980 arrest and they want verification that he didn´t. We already sent the notice stating his probation was completed successfully in the fist batch NOT GOOD ENOUGH - So off we go GUESS what its THIRTY ONE YEARS OLD ALL records have been destroyed other then the notice (which we already sent) stating he successfully completed his probation. Probation gives us a letter stating this.

2) IN NYS they did a finger print check (have to do one for all the states you lived in) and it came back CLEAN, but on the notice it stats "rap-sheet generated" Guess what..Ya Immigration wants that rap-sheet. We call NY and they say but its BLANK. Fine send us the BLANK rap-sheet.

3) Proof that the original charges where dismissed under the adjudication laws. PROOF??????? How do we know we are not the judge that adjudicated it. So off we go again. Guess what?? ITS THIRTY ONE YEARS AGO, all records other then the initial charges/conviction (which we already sent in) were destroyed.

And of course they want another 830 dollars and of course its going to take a few more months.

So we are on 15 add a few more -- ya long time.

I am so angry and so frustrated.

These charges are 31 years ago. He has had NOTHING since then.

Yes I am frustrated. But I have the information ( basically letters stating there is NO information) and We will send it back in and we will wait..again.

Thats my experience with canada immigration and their criminal rehabilitation.

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Starla, you can be angry and frustrated all you want - it won´t change a thing. A criminal record is a criminal record and you have to jump through all the hoops they ask for. Your only other option is to live in the US.
sharon (in reply to: Criminal Rehabilitation)

thanks sharon

but your words did nothing to say to others HEY that is what i went thru also nor did it say HEY i had this experience. Nor did it say HEY I had to do that and after 25 months I got it.

I CAN rant all I want, it is a freedom allowed in the USA. (I do live here my husband just wants to go there for a visit since I am canadian by birth did you not read??)

The point of my post was so that OTHERS can see that they too will have alot of crap and b/s to go thru, not for you to come along and tell me what I have to do.

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Yes, I read that you were Canadian, and yes that I read that it has been 31 years. The critical point is that your husband is NOT a Canadian and is therefor subject to immigration rules - regardless of the circumstances when he attempts to visit Canada. You react like it is everyone elses fault that you are experiencing this inconvenience. (that is the part I am reacting to) Canadian border staff are doing their job and the US pardon system is beyond the control of anyone here.

The Canadian system takes about 2 years for a pardon to be executed assuming all the criteria has been met and appropriate documents supplied. I would suspect the US system is similar. Did you consider attempting a travel waiver? They take about a year from what I have seen on the US pardon website.

My cousin attempted to cross the boarder in 1970 with a marajuana cigarette belonging to his girlfriend stashed in the glove compartment in his car. He was charged in Canada and has been turned back at the border ever since.

Last summer, he wanted to come to Canada with his Canadian wife for a family reunion. No deal even though he has an impeccable record since that date. I even wrote a letter of invitation to the Canadian consulate on his behalf and offered to put up some sort of bond that he would obey the law and return home after the event. No deal.

So, I understand the situation very well and pardons are a truly inconvenient consequence of big and small indiscretions.

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Dear starla,

Thanks for all the info...well sometimes, governments create bullshit and those who work in those offices do not really use their brain except for ticking some boxes in front of them and come to a conclusion, and that conclusion could be silly, painfull. illogical ...thanks for sharing,,,

I guess you are new here so please DO NOT worry about SHARON she is a lady who comes to this site to talk, to socialise, ...Please try to understand her, she probably has such a terrible life and must be an old and lonely lady, so just ignore her, let her talk... she is NOT that dangerous...could be even a sweet lady, but this is her life, she feels lonely and has to talk to somebody each day, this is the only place where she can talk freely, and this is the only place people listen to her...I am sure she goes to bed a lone, eats lunch alone, and watches hockey alone...Do not get angry with her...and try to be gentle, we should show respect to our elderly people...

Remember those old ladies in USA who go to big shopping malls, do NO shopping but talk to almost everyone, just to socialise, ...Well right, you got it right, she is that old lady starla, and please pretend that you are a sales person in a big old lady approaches you and talks ..out of blue, just to socialise, ..just smile, and igmore...

have a great day hope you find a solution for that problem (if there is )..

good morning vietnam
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So, let me get this straight.

Your husband broke the law in the past, he is a good man now, which I am glad to hear but he failed to do his homework before visiting another country and both of you are upset with the Canadian Border Service Agency for applying the law and refuse his entry.


What kind of feedback are you looking for?

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they are also mad a the country that charged him in the first place for not forgiving him fast enough and for asking for too many documents.

The ironic part is that they think their problems are with Canada immigration and our criminal rehab system. ummmmm no... it is a problem with not appearing at the Canadian border with proper documents.

I guess that is Canada´s fault too.

Discrimination from crossing the boader (in reply to: Criminal Rehabilitation)
I am a guy who had charges dropped way back in 2011 to an misdeamnor on my record. How am i still being refused to cross the boarder ? There is still lying in the inside going on with people not letting people crooss the boarder afrer a decade has past.
Levan Walker
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