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Subject: Tips in Choosing the Best Apartments
  There are lots of considerations in choosing for an apartment. The most important thing would be its location and neighborhood. It is the essential thing to consider in choosing an apartment. Second would be amenities and facilities and the third would be the cost of the apartment unit. Edmonton apartments for rent has all the information you need to know about your dream apartment. Always keep in mind that the nearest apartment to a more populated area, the higher its cost would be.

Looking for a new place to live can be stressful. If you are renting a place, then finding a suitable apartment may be less stressful than purchasing a home since the decision does not seem as permanent. Renting an apartment would be the best choice for you. While you likely sign a lease when you rent an apartment, it is unlikely you will stay in the apartment as long as you would a home.

You will need to know what type of apartment you want to select. If you make the wrong choice, well...moving a second time is even less fun than moving the first time. You might also look into a townhouse, or a garden style, apartment.

Determine how much you can spend on rent. While you may want to live in the absolute best part of town, how much you can afford to spend on rent will quickly bring you back down to earth. Apartment hunting often requires a little give and take, so try to find a balance between what you can afford to pay and where you want to live.

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Hi Vancouverapt,

Our family will move to Vancouver in February. We want to find a good school for my son, who will turn 13 soon. We have our mind in Vancouver West area, and we want to rent an apartment with two bedrooms in a safe, friendly neighbourhood nearby a good secondary school, and public transport.

Can you give us some rough ideas regarding the renting, the length of lease. As new immigrant, we do not have employment, so what is the practical way for us to find a landlord who is willing to have us as his/her tenants?

In addition, can you suggest some good high-rise buildings in Vancouver West?

Thank you very much,


Jing Li
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if money is not a consideration, look in Kitsilano, Point Grey
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hello to all,

my boyfriend & i are arriving in vancouver in january and we are wondering the best way to secure and find an apartment, one bedroom or more in a nice, safe area. if anyone had any idea´s or tips for us that would be great, not really sure where to start, should we just wait until we arrive or is it possible to rent somewhere before we go?

many thanks for any suggestions.

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start looking on Craigslist to see what is available. check out Google streets to see the buildings. You will need to fill out an application with bank information etc. in most rental instances so you will likely have to wait until you arrive. That said, I managed to secure an apartment for a friend before they landed so it is possible but tough.
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