Help, pregnant, don't know what to do!

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Subject: Help, pregnant, don't know what to do!
  Hallo everyone...
I am 26 years old and i am in Canada as an international student under temporal study permit.
I have been living with Canadian since New Year, means almost three month for a moment. To move in together was his idea. After that he told me that wants to have a baby and did not allowed me to use a contraceptives. I agreed because believed that he is serious about me. I got pregnant and found out that this Monday. After I told him about baby he changed his mine, he is not happy about that anymore, got into the stress and started to take drugs (started two days ago). Yesterday he did not let me in to the apartment and i were have to call the police to get in and take my close from there. After that he through me out (he was under the drags). I have police protocol about all what happen. Police later told me that we have been common in law already and i have the right to apply for child and spousal support. If i will leave a baby i will apply for everything - otherwise i can not afford a baby. But his father refused make an agreement with me and give me any help. he is telling that i can apply for anything i want - i will not get not a baks from him, if will be needed, he is ready eve quit working.
Any ideas what should i do now???
Thanks for any advice.

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1. he did not allow you to use a contraceptive. Sorry girl, I am a woman and how could he prevent you from taking a pill some time during the day to avoid this nightmare.

2. living with someone for 3 months is not technically common law. It is living together. Child and spousal support will require a lawyer and even then, how will anyone force him to pay. So, don´t count on this solution. You are going to be on your own.

3. I am very reluctant to make this suggestion but it may be in your best interest to terminate the pregnancy or return home to the support of your family.

I would urge you to stop thinking that this guy you have fallen for is going to be any kind of spouse or father to your child - he sounds like a jerk. You were not the wisest in your choices.

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Hi girl oh he is so wrong he can quit work all he wants even if he goes on government assistance he looses half that to you the government sends it to you directly no matter where you live or in what country you live in your baby if born in canada is a canadian.
First you need to go to family court ask for a duty councilto assist you get thecourts to make an order for support then you need to ask he court to make all payments go through family responsibility office from there they will chase him they will take his drivers licence and then if he still refuses to pay he gets to visit the local jail for 6 months.

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Most courts hold family court on tuesdays go to the local family court and ask to see a duty council from there explain your circumstance.Good luck there is nothing worse than a deadbeat dad.
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1) you are a temporary resident (student permit). When does this permit expire?

2) if what Steve suggests is true, there would be a flood of girls arriving in Canada to get pregnant and put some Canadian guy on the hook for financial support regardless of where they live in the world... I don´t really buy it.

I know too many guys that are neglectful on their child support for years and years and they are still driving their cars and none have ever been to jail.

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hi well in some part steve is right you should go to the court and get advise i dont know if they will give you spousal support i dont think so but they will definetly give him a child support order when the baby is born even if it was a one night stand,guys should know that a baby is a big responsability and sharon they can get away for sometime with the cosequences unless they are on welfare the fro cannot suspend their licences but if they tried to leave the country depends on how much they owe they cant ,they cant be on welfare for the rest of their lives and whatever they are in arrears when they get retired they will pay half of what their getting so there is no point in running,good luck mari with your child, im a mother of three and i know the difficulties of being single but is not imposible to get your life going even with a baby, you can send me a email and i will give you some info about single mothers like you helping others for free like babysitting or getting baby things and is from their owned pockets not from goverment funding good luck!!!
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1) you don´t go to court to obtain advice. you go to court to get a ruling.
2) you can´t get spousal support if you are not a spouse or a common law partner. Mari is neither.
3) Mari is a temporary resident. Should her visa expire before her due date... she is obligated to go home. If she leaves school, she is obligated to return home as the conditions of her visa have changed.
4) until the baby is born, there is nothing to discuss.

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