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Subject: LICO for 2010
  Hi all,
After speaking to an immigration agent, this is the conclusion that i came to.
If me and my wife (2 persons) want to sponsor my father and mother (2 persons), then my income according to the list below

2 (sponsoring persons) + 2(sponsored persons) = 4

So for 4 persons it is: $41,198

THere is a quebec income scale given, which I DONT NEED to consider, since i live in ontario and the list below is for rest of canada other than quebec.

Is there anyone here that does not agree with my understanding. Please do let me know as i am about to put in my application (on my own, not through an agent)

I Just want to verify my own understanding in the light of the experts here.

Thanks for all responses.

Size of Family Unit Minimum necessary income
1 person (the sponsor) $22,171
2 persons $27,601
3 persons $33,933
4 persons $41,198
5 persons $46,727
6 persons $52,699
7 persons $58,673
More than 7 persons, for each additional person, add $5,974

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Bingo go to the front of the class!


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Thanks a bunch for your feedback Roy !!! U rock !!
So from ur response I am guessing that i am right.

I hv another question.
I know that it takes 3-4 years for the entire process to sponsor my parents in the family class. So do I need to maintain the LICO requirements throughout the 3-4 years until the process comes through.?

What would happen if i fail to maintain the LICO requirement for the next year.

I am meeting the LICO requirement for this year before applying.

Thanks for all responses.


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Below the LICO no BINGO!
LICO for Parents (in reply to: LICO for 2010)
It is good if you can maintain the specified LICO amount throughout the period of processing of application of your parents. If you cannot during the processing there is no problem. But in the final year when the Visa is issued you must meet LICO amount.
If you cannot in the final year then you can show savings you and your wife have and in assition any funds your parents will bring with them.

I have done this for a young couple. The husband transferred the deficit amount to Canada from India.

Go Man Go.

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