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Subject: Reapplication for PR
  I had applied for PR in Canada when the time for assessing the application was around 60-72 months.

Now under the new simplified quicker process the same can happen over 12 months.

Since it is only around 30 months from my first application (and I may have to wait another 40 months) I´m contemplating reapplication.

Kindly suggest in case of reapplication:

1. Whether I can reapply under the new process?
2. Can my fees paid earlier get adjusted against this new application?

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1. - have you been given a file number? if so, the original application fee will not be refunded.

2. - Before you withdraw the original application, make very, very sure that you qualify under the new NOC codes. If you don´t... and you withdraw you are permanently out of luck. At least under the application you have, you will eventually get your turn.

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