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Subject: Information to sponsor parents
  Dear All,

Can someone please suggest some lawyers address who can advise me to sponsor my parents to Canada?

Have anyone been successful doing this? If yes, can you please list down the process you went through to have your parents with you.

I would like to do this by the end of this December - 09. I really miss them and would like to have them with me

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Hi Swapna,

If you havent done the procedure yet, visit the website as mentioned below. Its very easy to fill out the forms and send them in. Dont waste your money on Lawyers.

If you need any help or have any questions ask here on this forum. I would be answering to them consistently.

I have sponsored my inlaws and my parents through this forms available on websites. My inlaws file has been transfered to India office and my parents file is still in Canada for phase 1 approval.

Regards & Best Luck

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hi all,
I am a canadian citizen and my husband is a permanent resident. I live in Vancouver with my daughter. my husband works for in Seattle. so, he comes every weekend and stay with us. And, some times we go and stay with him in seattle. so, can we still sponsor his parents from India? since, he is working outside Canada?

Sumita Singh
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Plese inform me about processing time for my parents. My case is: 260908001
from 08 December 2008

Thank you Maria Gamburg

maria gamburg
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I have been Canada for more then than 2 and half years , I want to sponsor my parent come here fore ever .Please help me , show how I can do to sponsor , please help me .
Thanks you

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