Roy/ Sharon will appreciate your views on this pls

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Subject: Roy/ Sharon will appreciate your views on this pls
  Hello roy and sharon
Firstly I am sorry and guilty of always asking questions related to my application abd really appericiate
Your responses always .... Every time there is a confusion or query there is always hope to get it answered in the forum....thanks for keeping the forum and hope alive.

Actually we had emailed cic for status update and got a reply and my query is regarding that

Just to refresh memory I applied for fsw with aeo at london office in feb 09
Sent medicals end of july and documents and rprf end of aug
And am waiting since a lot of details documents were updated
My lawyer sent an email on my request to cic to get an update on my file status
Next day itself he got an reply as follows
Dear xxxx
We are in reciept of documents you mentioned and would like to inform that mr xxx file is currently being reviewd by an immigration officer. We will send you a letter from our office in due course.

This is the only response. Now my 90 day deadline was expiring on 2nd sept so my file bring forward for review date would be around that date
Today its almost 69 days since that deadline and they are responding as `CURRENTLY BEING REVIEWED` what I would like to understand is how the review works dosent the IO look for documents on the bring forward date assess the application with the docs in file and make a decision??
Is the decision or review done over couple of weeks and not instantly?
Could it be that the file is reviewed and they are waiting for routine background checks to come through to make a decision?
If the officer would want to reject based on documents then they would not wait for any further completion of checks immediately send out a regection letter.... Right???
Over all what do you feel is this a good sign or a bad sign ..... Please your inputs are highly appreciated and indispensiable please

Actually your life hangs in the balance when you are planning to move and start a new life so indication on wether we will be accepted or not is crucial to base decisions while waiting .... I do understand that this is a normal answer and my file is being processed normally but as you people have first hand exp of processes and processings you might be able to pick up the clues.... Please
And thanks again

Waiting eagerly
Best regards

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