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Subject: Moving to Canada with Candian Girlfriend
  I am a British resident who wants to move to Canada. My Girlfriend is Canadian. We met a few years back in Australia and she has been living and working in the UK for the past year as an au pair. She is having to go back to Canada and I want to follow her out.

I was wondering what my options were for Visas. I am not a skilled worker. I have only ever worked in office administration. I will be able to move straight into my girlfriends apartment when I get there and I do have some savings. Any advice would be appreciated as although I lived in Australia for a year Canadian Visas seem a whole different matter.

Many Thanks

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There is a high possibility that you will be refused of entry into Canada. A CBSA officer may think that you have no intentions of leaving Canada at the end of your authorized stay and simply refuse your entry and write a report (44). It will happen at the secondary inspection by the way.

If you have been living with your girlfriend in a common law relationship BEFORE you come to Canada, your girlfriend should sponsor you as a common law partner and once that is approved, you may apply for your permanent resident status. All this has to be done from abroad and it may take over 18 months or so finalized the process.
Advantage.... if your application is not approved you may appeal the decision and the sponsorship can take place even if your girlfriend is no longer in England.

If you manage to enter Canada, you may apply from within Canada as well but keep in mind two things. You won´t be able to work for over a year or so until you get an approved in principle certificate and if for some reason your application is rejected you have NO right to appeal the decision and you have to leave Canada within 30 days after the voluteer departure order is issued.


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