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Subject: Applying Visitor visa for spouse
  I am a citizen of Canada. I want to bring my wife to Canada as soon as possible. Instead of submitting a sponsorship application for her, can she submit a visitor visa application? Do you think she will get rejected for a visitor visa to Canada? I am worried that if her visitor visa application gets rejected, then it might affect my sponsorship application for her. I am newly married and can not stay away from her.

Any help please?

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Hi my suggestion to you is:

Since you are a citizen u can apply for your spousal visa from the country where your spouse lives( if you want to stay together). If you opt fo a visitor visa and apply within canada she can not work for 6 months and god forbid in case of rejection there is no right to appeal. You can go to your spouse´s country apply sponsorship from there try brining here here on visitors visa after sponsorship form native country. It takes less time and is more foolproof.
Your PR application wont get affected by rejection of her visitors visa
Hope it helps

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Her intentions are not to come to Canada as a genuine visitor, her intentions is to stay with you and then you can submit an inland application.

Let me tell you what it could happen.

1- There is a VERY high possibility that her visa will not be approved.

2- IF for some strange reason her visitors visa is approved, she may be refused of entry at the port of entry.

Yes, it is true that a visitor visa that has been rejected will not affect her PR application but being refused of entry into Canada would.

There is a check box in the Generic PR applications that clearly asks : Have you ever been refused of entry into Canada or any other country? yes or no. That one may have an impact in her application. It will all depends who is behind the counter at the secondary at the airport.

CBSA could:

a) Allow her to withdraw her request to be admitted in Canada and put her in a plane back with a blue form that says "volunteer departure order" and cancel her visa. (not too bad).

b) Write a 44 report to removed her from Canada. That one is a nasty one.

You want her permanently with you, well... apply for a PR status from abroad and wait in line like everyone else.

This may not sound pretty but it is what it is.


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Hi i am a permanent rasedent in canada. i got maried couple month ago. it was affer marriage but in my caultre parent don´t allow affer marriage. thats why they loked their doughter(my wife)for two month. they are forceing to sign in devorce paper and torchering mentaly anf physicl too. my wife is not feeling safe in bangladesh. my all familey members are in canada.

how can i bring her in canada as earley as a visitor, Immigration or as a Refugee? please advise....

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Hi, I am in Lima, Peru. I am a Canadian Citizen. My spouse and I just got marriedn in April 27th 2013. We are trying to fill out the sponsorship application but it is more extend and complex than we thought it would be. That´s why we are still trying to get it filled out. I was wondering if there was a way for me to bring her to Canada so that we can do the Sponsorship Form while she is with me in Canada. I don´t know if there´s a way for MYSELF to apply for a visa for her instead of her going to the Canadian Embassy and apply for one and try her chances.
Roberto Pinares
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