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  Dear all,

I have seven years of working experience and out of seven years eighteen months as Finance Manager (included in 38 occupation list) and rest as Logistics/Procurement Manager (Not included in 38 occupations). I need to know how much marks will I get.

I am asking this question because my total experience is exceeding four years but experience in 38 designated profession is only eighteen months.

Please advise.



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Well your written English seems.....let me hear you speak English, prove to all here you can read English and how old are you 18 or 99?


Go to www.cic.gc.ca on the left side click on Immigrate and follow the links to (TAKE THE TEST) and calculate the marks yourself.

Faisal most of the information you seek is just a click away.

Good Luck


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Dear Roy,

As per my understanding of experience requirement mentioned in www.cic.gc.ca only that experience which is in 38 designated occupations will be awarded marks and rest will not qualify for any mark.

Today I went to a consultant and he said that I should have atleast one year experience in 38 designated occupations and remaining can be in non designated. I will get marks for overall experience.

Please advise.

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Every person has their own circumstances so you got advice and came here for a second opinion on your points and now on experience.

The manuals are found here, http://www.cic.gc.ca/english//resources/manuals/op/op06-eng.pdf

Experience is found in Chapter 10.12


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WORK EXPERIENCE - More than 1 year but less than 2 years
you will get 15 points.


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Yes you are right- More than 1 year but less than 2 years points wil be 15.

I have one years experience but problem is in my work experience all job duties are not mention.

can anyone advise me what i can do. I have match the job descriptions some duites are missing but being as a doctor i have done all duties but the hospital hr dept issued a letter very short.

please advise me thanx

ahmed n

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Request HR to mention all duties in detail that you have been doing.
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