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Subject: Spouse overstayed his visitor visa
  I am Canadian and I am married to a wonderful man who has overstayed his visitor by 2 years. We got married in August of this year. My Question can I sponsor my husband while he is still living in Canada on an expired visa? What are our chances that he will be sent home or turned down and be deported because he over stayed his time in Canada. We are very much in love; I have to little girls who loves him a lot and we do not want to be separated. What must we do. Do the immegration treat cases such as ours badly?
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you can strat inland sponsorship application as long as he was not arrested or reported. But no guarantee because overstaying is not good. Alternatively he can leave Canada and come back if that is easy to do.

The best and shortest option is to go back to his home land and you sponsor him ouland. But sorry to say it:" make sure it is not a marriage for JUST Immigration". It does happen a lot thu

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Thanks but nothing is 100% sure; but as far as I can see he cares a lot for me and my children; he is the father they never had. He is hard working and has a good head on his shoulders. He has no children, no Criminal record and was never deported or told to leave. Thanks for your input.
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It all depends on where he is from whether or not your willing to try an InLand Spousal Sponsorship.

If you chosen In Land or Overseas it is your obligation to prove your relationship. If an InLand it gets sent to the local office you can always withdraw and submit outside of Canada.

Always tell the truth because you will never have to remember what you said.

Best of Luck


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My sister returned to the US last year to apply for immigration to Canada.

She and her Canadian husband have been married 8 years; married in Canada while she was on her visitor´s visa. Last year she told him she had not completed immigration papers and she was not in Canada legally.

She came back voluntarily to the US and they applied for her immigration; it has taken 6 months to get all the paperwork, background check, and physical completed. Yesterday her husband took all the documents to the Attorney and was told it could take 11 more months,

Can she get a visitors visa while she waits? Or is there any way to speed up the process for a couple married 8 years whose husband also works for the Canadian governemt?

Please advise, thanks!

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given your sister over stayed her last visit by at least 7.5 years, I highly doubt it.

...regardless of who her husband works for.

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