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Subject: Passport request 60 day--passport submission delay
  Hello, I am in a very strange situation.I am an Indian and I had applied from London in 2006 while I was there on a work permit.Now I am back in delhi and got a 60 day ppr letter from chc london 2-3 weeks back.I would now have to take a UK visa for going to london but my problem is that I am critically involved in a project which will take another 2 months and my employer is not willing to give me leave.He is not ready to give me a leave letter until 2 months and no reference which i would need for UK tourist visa to show my employment proof.Personally I want to land there in June/July next year so I am not really upset with my employer as I am getting some useful work experience here in delhi.

I understand that CHC New delhi cannot issue a visa as I applied in London and sending Indian passport to london by courier or somebody else is illegal.(read in forums--although its written on back of passport that it can be in hands of an authorised person)

Now kindly guide me as to:

Shall i get my file transferred to new delhi (if it takes 4-5 months)
shall I ask a 3-4 month extension to 60 day ppr letter?I did my medicals in sept 09 so I have time until sept 2010.

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