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Subject: What if?
  Hello everyone, I just wanted your opinion on something.

Little over a month ago and after inquiring about the status of my application I got an email from CIC London telling me that a second set of medical request forms were sent to me on Oct 1oth... I have been waiting for the forms to arrived but until now no good luck. Last week, I emailed them again to notify them that I haven´t received the forms and that I haven´t changed my mailing address and provided them with it just in case. They have not replied to my last email yet.

Do you think I may be one of those people who are told after years that because I did not respond to a letter the application was rejected?

I never had problems getting letters from CIC in the past (they few they have sent).

What to do?

Thanks for the replies.

Lily from Long Ago (Abu D
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Is it close to a decade since you have been waiting for this?
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Sort of... 50 months.
Lily from Long Ago (Abu D
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I think you have a legitimate reason to inquire about the letter. It shouldn´t take that long for mails to travel even to the North Pole. You should keep copies of your email or fax inquiries in case. Good luck.
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