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Subject: vacation
  Dear Sir/madam,
This topic is regarding my status here in Canada. I am here for almost 3 and a half years now and have my open permit. At this time I am still waiting for my Permanent Residence. My question is, "Is it possible for me to have a vacation for a month in the Philippines while my papers is on process? I already have my ticket, and my schedule is on Nov. 10. But still worried what will happen.. I didn´t have my visa yet and Im planning to get a re-entry in Canadian Embassy in Manila. If possible also, I want to get my visa in Buffalo but I don´t know how long it may take? If so, I can mail all the requirements needed as soon as possible. I have provided all the documents. Can you help me. Hope to hear from u soon. Thanks!

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So I can assume your not applying inside Canada as a spouse because then you could not leave.

I assume that your a LICC and have completed your 2 years on the job and therefore have a Open Work Permit.

Have a nice vacation.


To Sir Roy (in reply to: vacation)
You mean I can still go on vacation? What do you mean by LICC? I just want to ask Sir, how long it may take to get a visa in Buffalo?
sir roy (in reply to: vacation)
Sir, my status is Open Permit now.. And my Permanent Residence is on process.. I have my family that I am sponsoring to come here. I didn´t understand what u mean that I am not applying inside Canada as a spouse.. Would you mind expalain this. Thanks Sir!
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