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Subject: live in nanny sponsor
  My nies want to apply for the live in nanny sponsor. She is living in Zimbabwe.
She finished her education according to Zimmbabwe education system. Following is the detail information about her education.
Primary School(Grades 1-7).
Secondary School Zimbabwe Junior Certificate (Forms I & II) study.
Secondary School "O" level (Forms III & IV) study.
Full executive secretarial course 1 year full time(Institute: The academy of commercial studies – Nov. 2008, Pitman’s course)
Excellent in English Reading, Writing and Speaking skill.
Six Months Live-in Caregiver Diploma

Question: Is she quolified to apply for Live-incaregiver visa?
Specialy here my question is regarding her education as there is one requirement in canada imm.
"Successful completion of Canadian secondary school education
You must have successfully completed the equivalent of Canadian high school education (secondary school). Because of the differences in school systems across Canada, it is not possible to give a precise number of years. In most provinces, it takes 12 years of schooling to obtain a Canadian high school diploma. The immigration officer assessing your application will let you know what is needed."
- If she is quolified what will be the next step?
- If no what else she needs?

For any help thanks in advance

Comment: I am very impressed with this discussion website. As it is really giving helpful information who really in problem.

Please any body can help me... it is urgent (in reply to: live in nanny sponsor)
Please any body can help me for above my question... it is urgent
live in nanny sponsor (in reply to: live in nanny sponsor)
My friend the main problem would be to find a Canadian employer who is willing to hire her and apply for her work-permit...that is not easy...


(in reply to: live in nanny sponsor)
first of all thank you for your replay.
Yes you are right.
I can become a Canadian employer for her.
I have my son 18 months old and we need nanny for him.
We have specific requirement for nanny that is why we need to hire her as a nanny.
I will do all paper work that I need to do as a canadian employer to hire her.
The only thing is, Does her education is equivalent to the
canadian secondary(high) school? So she will be quolified for applying live-in caregiver visa.

Please help for this one. I will give whatever information you need from my side. But please help me for this one.
Please guide me. I am just lost.

Common Law Relationship (in reply to: live in nanny sponsor)
I have been living with my boyfriend for the past two years, I have overstay my time here in canada. Is it advised for him to sponsor me as a common law or is it safer to get married.
Elaine Wright
(in reply to: live in nanny sponsor)
It is not in reply to nanny sponsor .
(in reply to: live in nanny sponsor)
Please remove above two "Common Law Relationship" post within this specific post and create new one. It will be misguiding for helper because this post is now talking about two different subject. Please remove your post from here and create new.
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She needs to have 12 Yrs of Education..8yrs of elementary and 4 yrs of high school.If that is how many yrs she went to school for then she should be fine,She also need to have a 1 year of fulltime payed employment as a nanny/caregiver/babysitter in past 3 yrs.This could be a reference from the people she worked for as CIC is going to call and check on these!
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First of all thanks a lot for good advise.
It is really helpful.
In that sense, she finished 11 years of study.
She needs to study one more year.
But my problem is I want her to come ASAP as I want her to take care for my Son. As I have specific requirement for nanny. And it is very easy for her to fullfill.
Anyother options for her to come here?

i need sponsor (in reply to: live in nanny sponsor)
hi!i need a sponsor to come to canada for work,i check on the live-in caregiver program,anyone intrested?i have experienced taking care og kids,doing household work is not problem,i can cook too..pls keep in touch..soon my contract end and im going home to my country philippines..
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