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Subject: Sponsoring vs. PR status

Me and my boyfriend (future husband) want to move to Canada. I already have a PR status, but he doesn´t. I want to sponsor him but I don´t have enough income right now to be able to qualify (I understand it should be around 26k a year? is that right?), since I was studying until recently in Canada.

I came back to my home country to wait for my PR approval, which I got a couple of months ago, and I´m planning to move to Canada in around 6 months from now.

By the time I go to Canada, I won´t be able to meet the income requirements either, and I will have to wait at least a year in order to be able to sponsor my boyfriend. Do you think it´s better if he applies for a PR card on his own, instead of doing the sponsorship? What would be faster and more convenient for our situation?

Any advise from your experienced point of view, will be very heplful.

Many thanks

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