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Subject: Updating application - CIC Tokyo
  Hi all,

This is my situation:
- I´m a Mexican citizen living in Japan since 1998
- I applied for PR in the Federal Skilled Worker scheme in 2004, by sending all forms and documents to the Canadian Consulate in Manila. (At the time they were taking care of applications from Japan)
- I sent update letters whenever my situation changed (eg. moving, marital status) however I never received a reply to these. The only letters I got were the acknowledgment of receipt (2004) and one asking me whether I wanted to continue with my application (2008).
- This year the Canadian Consulate in Japan started processing immigration cases, so I got my papers transferred to Tokyo and a new file number in April 2009.

Recently I received a letter from Tokyo requesting to submit updated forms: general application (IMM0008), family information (IMM5406), background information (Schedule 1) and proof of funds.

My questions are:
1. Do I need to submit another police clearance certificate? I sent one in the original application (back in 2004). Even if the letter from the consulate does not request this, is it better to provide one now, or should I wait until it is time to do the medical exam and go for the interview?

2. I´m now married to a Canadian citizen who I met in 2006. Do I need to send background info of my husband (e.g. employment records, bank statements)? or just his photos would be fine? Btw, my husband is registered in the same Consulate that´s taking care of my application. I assume they don´t need such information from a citizen, but just checking!

Thanks in advance for your help.

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