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Subject: Mental Health issues....

I am new to this site and was wondering if anyone could help.

My husband and I are starting our process to immigrate to Canada (as a skilled worker). I have a question about the medical history you have to provide.

My husband is diagnosed as being ´prone to Psychosis´. He was ill and had to be hospitalised 3 times, the last being in 2003. He has not been ill since 2003 and is on medication to control his symptoms (olanzapine & tamazepam). Does anyone know if this will hinder our application for PR?

I´m certain he could get a letter from his Psychiatrist to support the fact that he is well and not likely to suffer a relapse.

Please help.

Vicki Wheeler
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I by no means can know 100% how CIC will evaluate any situation. But based on experiences reported in this and other forums, as well as official CIC advisements on medical acceptance, you and your husband should be fine. I´m assuming there was no history of outward symptoms affecting the general public.

The key for medical admissibility is if any ongoing condition is a) not a danger to the public, b)is not an excessive burden on the Canadian health system, and c) the condition is under control under reasonable cost.

It sound like your husband´s situation satsifies all 3 conditions. If I were in your situation, I would feel confident in going forward with your application.

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