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Subject: To Samm/Sharon..Help needed Urgent
  Hi Samm/Sharon

Again This is Jay..Last time i discussed about my application..(u can find it with same name subject)
now, as per we discussed ealier i have applied for study permit along with student visa on 9 july 2009..but like i have been told by vfs people that my course starting date is 15 july 2009 and its already 9 july so let the embassy people know about this and ask them to send your passport soon.

so i wanted to know..will it be a problem for me bcz my course starting date is so close..

thnks in advance

Jay Patel
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You should do as advised by the VFS. Your starting date for now should not cause any problems as sometimes people only join the course in second or third week. Though, no one knows for sure, how CIC will view this.
To Samm/Sharon..Help needed Urgent (in reply to: To Samm/Sharon..Help needed Urgent)
Hey Samm

thanks for reply,..surely i will let cic people know about this..

further. .i m going to canada for second shall i assume that i will get medical test examination again,if everything goes correctly?

thanking in advance..

Jay Patel
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Yes, if you have stayed for 6 months or more in past 12 months, in a country whose citizens require a medical examination to receive a study pemit (duration 6 months or more).
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