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Subject: Husband still in Morocco:
  Hi Laurie I have read all of your comments and responses. It is indeed sad when you are feeling so in love and emotional and can´t be with the person you love.

I don´t know why your application was refused, I do not think that the age gap is the only reason. CIC evaluates the entire application and it is a cumulation of several factors on which they make their decision.

I think that Helper´s comments regarding your grammar are totally uncalled for and not relevant to this issue what so ever. Whether you are a born Canadian or not is not the issue here. Your grammar to me is fine, not perfect but most certainly understandable.

However, having said that I do agree with Helper that if you feel you really love this person and he is the one for you, that you want to live with and he will make you happy, then go to Morocco and live with him.

You will very soon find out if this is a genuine relationship or not! If he is after only a ticket to Canada he is not going to be to happy or excited about the idea of you living in Morocco, is he?

I know this seems difficult and believe me it is! I am in the process of sponsoring my common law wife from a third world country and have lived in her country now for 18 consecutive months with her to prove our relationship. For me it has been a night mare, I miss my country, culture, friends, family, my home etc etc. But we love each other and enjoy being together so that is why I am doing this.

You see it makes sense, doesn´t it?

Laurie step back for a minute and think about your situation. If it is real love, it will not matter where you live and eventually you will get him to Canada. If it is not, you will soon know.

Please listen to Sharon, there is no future in the past. You need to only look ahead and decide what is right for you and what are you going to do about it.

Hope this helps, I wish you all the best.


Mr. Magoo.

mr magoo
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