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Subject: Marriage by Webcam for Immigration.
  What is a Marriage according to CIC?

Any union that is recognized by the Laws of the country is acceptable to CIC.

If a country allows a Proxy marriage and you get married by Proxy or (Webcam)your marriage certificate is genuine. Note Overseas Processing Manuals, Family Class Manual OP2 Chapter 5.30

"A marriage that is legally recognized according to the law of the place where it occurred is usually recognized in Canada. A16(1) puts the onus on applicants to prove their marriage is legal where it took place. A marriage, which took place abroad, must be valid both under the laws of the jurisdiction where it took place and under Canadian federal law."

The chances of your marriage getting challenged as genuine due to how you got married is low because the odds are others got married by Proxy and the staff of that Visa Post will be aware of that fact. If CIC ask you to prove your marriage is legal you MUST have the Law of that country as it relates to marriage available.

So if you get married with three thousand guests in attendance or by Proxy the onus is still on the applicant to prove that his/her marriage is genuine and likely to continue.


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