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Subject: About renewing Student visa....
  I am current canadian full time student at Canadian Flyers international inc., Markham, Ontario.
registered for commercial pilot license course with instructor rating (CA820937). My visa & study permit expired on 30 june, 2008 then i renewed my study permit from inside canada till 30 june 2009.

Right now I m in india . I arrived in india Oct-2008 to attend ground classes & give exam for conversion of indian license here in delhi finished on 05/05/2009 (course completion letter & markhseet of examination available as proof from Director General of civil aviation india)

so when i arrive i had valid study permit till 30 june 2009, and valid acceptance letter..now i hav finished my exams stuff here and wants to go to back to finish my study. when i applied as a student here at vfs they made me changed my form from student to visitor stating that "i have valid study permit so all i have to enter on entry permit so i cant apply for student again" and they r keep telling to fill form for visitor again.

now i have been rejected twice for visitor during last 2 attmpt for restoring my visa. and i wish to apply again as student instead of visitor

so with this msg i wanted to know ..after expiring my study permit can i apply for student visa again since i have got current acceptance letter and i have study to finish. or i have to apply only for visitor visa even after expiring study permit..

i m stuck in this situation as i m getting late to finish my study and that is affecting my career..

so i hope u will guide me properly in this issue..


Jay Patel
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