Refusal to student visa likely?

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Subject: Refusal to student visa likely?
  Dear forum members,

I came to the country X, where I reside, to do my MSc degree. Before completing the programme, I was hired by a company that changed my visa from student to a work permit and I am still here in X on my work permit and working for the same company. Just last year I completed the programme (with distinction) and I have decided that I would like to pursue a PhD in Canada. I have just submitted my application to a Canadian university, but now I don´t know how likely it would be for me to get the student visa, given my immigration history in the country where I live, the fact that I have been living for several years outside of my country and the fact that last year I applied for skilled immigration to Canada.

I am concerned that the officer will not believe I will leave Canada once I have completed my studies.
What do you think my chances are??

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No one can give you a guarantee that your application will be approved.

Since you have been living (legally) in country X for quite sometime, you can apply for study permit through the CIC office in the country. Show ties to your home country, proper finances and offer from a decent institution to have reasonable chance of getting the visa.

**If you get financial aid for doing PhD from a decent institution then you are almost sure to get study permit.

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