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Subject: Proof of exit from Canada?
  My U.S. friend got accepted to Concordia University in Montreal for the fall. Last fall he was attending another school in Quebec which he decided to abandon after a few weeks, because it wasn´t of the appropriate level, and they even told him he had sufficient requirements to go to University. He left Canada right after, last October.

He´s currently in the process of obtaining his C.A.Q (certificate of acceptance from Quebec), which is a requirement before you can obtain a Canadian study permit. But it´s getting quite complicated because he left the other school last year. They´re asking for documents he can´t produce, like school transcripts.

I called them and they clarified they need a letter of attendance from the previous school, and a proof of exit from Canada.

He doesn´t have his train ticket anymore, but he does have his Visa bill showing the Amtrak ticket purchase, and his ticket confirmation by email. Would that be enough to constitute a proof of exit from Canada? Otherwise, what kind of document could he obtain to prove he left Canada last October?

Thank you!

Anthony Brien
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Normally when your told to leave you report into CBSA and they issue the person a "Confirmation of Departure" form and that is what they are seeking.

The issue here is that he was accepted at Concordia and attending another and they know that.


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