Can you inport a car that is already in Canada?

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Subject: Can you inport a car that is already in Canada?

I am a USA citizen who is immigrating to Canada via family class so I can be with my husband. I have been here for 5 months and we are just now going to start the immigration paperwork (because he has only just gotten a job and we could not afford it before now). We are filing for an extention of my visitors visa this week.

Our big problem is that our only car... MY car, is also going to have an expired PA inspection this month. I do not want to drive it to PA to get it inspected as I fear I wont be allowed to cross back into canada.

Can I sell it to my husband and he can then import it from within canada without takin it across the border and back?

Or if i sell it to him will he have to drive across the border and back... but then will there be a problem when he is crossing into the states with an American car???

Basically I need to know, how do we get the car legal WITHOUT me having to cross the border?

Its a 96 Ford taurus
It will need to be Canada-ized with daytime running lights and metric dials and all that. well do it all. But we just dont know how to go about making it legal. please help!

Thank you

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As I recall, you can only import the car at the border. So you really have to take the car back to the U.S. where it´s registered and do the following.

By U.S. law, you´re supposed to export your car from the U.S. first by visiting the U.S. side customs office at the border. There you´ll produce your title (needs to sent there 72 hours before), sales receipt, and other documentation. This is all free.

Once you´ve been given U.S. export paperwork, you cross the border and to the Canadian side and visit their customs office. There you´ll start the import process where you produce your title, recall notice paperwork, sales receipt, and other documentation, along with payment of import fee. That´s not all- once the import application is started, you´re given a certain amount of time in Canada to do modifications to Canada standards, inspection, insurance, and registration, drivers license, and plates.

Otehrs may have additional input who´ve gone through this. Hoped this helped.

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