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Subject: Medical: confused.
i received a letter from CPC Vegreville.

"in order to continue processing your application in Canada, further information is required. You must complete/ submit the following information to the Case Processing Center:

[X]. Immigration legislation requires that all applicants for permanent residence and their family members if applicable complete medical examinations. enclosed are the required medical forms.

my question:

does this medical request include my family members who are not in canada too? or is it just for me?

thank you...i may sound stupid but i am really confused.

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You and your immediate family (spouse and kids) have to have medicals done...
Lily (from long ago - Abu Dhabi)
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I called the CIC today to end up m confusion, but im still not satisfied.

i asked somebody there. and verbatimed that part of their letter to me.

he said, "we" have to have the medicals done.

then he asked me under what category is our application.
told him its under Live in caregiver. permanent residency and spousal sponsorship as well.

then he said, "oh, the family members will have to wait for their own medical request letter". that medical request is just for you.

i feel like floating in air...

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im still confused...

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Each family member you included in the initial application should have a medical form with the photo.
CIC should send you the check list of requirement of updated documents, each required item should be circled and none circled ones mean they are not required.

Hence, my question is did they send you that check list? is the medical requirement circled? if yes, then you must find in the envelop the medical form for you and all family members included in you application. Those forms you will take to the clinic for the doctor to fill after the check up.

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I only found one medical form.

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