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Subject: Received PPR but working in US
  Hi All,

I received Passport Submission letter from Candaian Consulate for stamping which can be done through post or by physically visiting Buffalo office. I am working in US on L1 Visa and need your expert guidance in clarifying some doubts.

1) Can I get my passport stamped and enter Canada on same day ?
2) Is it required to apply for SIN immediately or can be done later after receiving my PR card.
3) I am currently working in US and it is not possible to move permanently to Canada immediately. Can I leave canada on the same day of entry and re-enter within 30 days to collect my PR card. I will be providing friend´s address for PR card application. Will the PR stamping on the passport allows multiple entry into canada or its just one time entry?

If any one can help with the information and also any do´s n don´ts to make immigration smoother will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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1. Yes, you can enter Canada after PR visa has been stamped.
2. SIN can be applied whenever you want to.
3. PR visa is single entry. Your friend can mail you the PR card. Alternatively, you can enter Canada by road with your CPR and passport. You can also apply for travel document, if you choose to use a commercial carrier.

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please check as I think you cannot go back to US as L1 visa holders are not allowed to travel.
Received PPR but working in US (in reply to: Received PPR but working in US)
Hi Anonymous,
Is it legal to send Canada PR card through post to US ?


Hi Sherri,

You got wrong information on L1 visa. People travel in and out of US on L1, to canada and other cities.


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