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Subject: Best Route Into Canada

I´ve been trying to find a definite answer to my problem for a long time. Maybe someone on forum can help.

Basically I am British (living in UK), and I am engaged to a Canadian citizen.
I am studying in the UK and will graduate university in 3 months.
I want to move to Canada as soon as possible after I graduate. How I do this doesn´t bother me.

I have been looking at working holidays, which seem like a good idea. The BUNAC route appears to be good, but they don´t allow it if you have a Canadian fianc?e.
I spoke with and they said I could get an open work permit for 12 months if I am graduating soon, and I can work any job without a job offer. (even with having a fianc?e). But I haven´t seen this visa anywhere else, only BUNAC.

The other option is I try to get a job offer and do the employer specific working holiday.

Or is there some other route where my fianc?e can help sponsor me to get an open work permit or something?

Any links would be very helpful.

More information:
I am 22, my fianc?e is 19. We have known each other for 6 years now, but not lived in the same country for more than 3 months at a time thanks to money issues.
My fianc?e works part time and will be attending university soon.

Thank you very much for any help anyone can give me. Thank you

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Everything suggested must comply with your own personal situation!

So you going to live in a Mansion, with her parents or in a tent?

Six years you have known her and the two of you lived in different countries. Something is missing here!


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We´re going to rent when I go there.

We couldn´t of moved in together before, we´ve both been in school and had a lack of full time job. All of our money was spent on merely visiting each other. We didn´t have enough to move to another country.
I´d need a job over there to live...

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Best course is a working Holiday visa which will allow you into the country for a year. You can live together, establish a common-law relationship and then apply as a spouse. Note that once the Holiday visa expires, you will be here as a visitor and can not work ~ you will need to wait until you get a work permit if you apply inland or until you get your PR if you apply outland.

Either way, there is no such thing as Fiancee visa and without a LMO, it is pretty hard to get a work visa. The easiest is likely the working holiday, however the intention of the visa is for you to come to Canada, see the country and then return home.

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Thanks, the working holiday sounds like the best option. I´ll have to present it like that is what I want to do then.

I´m assuming that´s even the case with the employer specific working holiday?


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In this economic times, good luck finding a job with your holiday visa. And the almost non-existent and expensive rental market. A British dude I know ended up living in a bed bug infested SRO ... that´s all he could afford. It took him six months to get a job as a server at a restaurant, and he has two university degrees. Plan ahead.
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I already have a place that I can rent with a friend, and if that fails then I have a number of other people I could rent with. So that´s not so bad for now.
The job is the only bad thing. I am emailing employers like crazy at the moment. So hopefully I´ll get something back before I go. Worst case scenario is that I don´t, and I have to line some interviews up for when I go, or look when I am there.

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Ricahrd, go ahead are can do this. Beside that you don´t have language barrier.Good luck
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