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  I like to immigrate to Canada with my family (wife + four boys) . I hold a degree in English Literature and work as translator. I have an experience of 16 years as an administration and office manager. I have a budget of 80,000 eighty thousand USD. Please advise in which category can I immigrate to Canada? Are myy chances good or not?



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Possibly "0111: Financial Managers". Check it out yourself and see:

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Never say to anyone how mush money you have
crooks will always make it seem easy to you as soon as they know that...Be careful

i think you have more chance within australia ,i remember that translator was on (OID) occupation in demande ,maybe things have changed
Good luck

refund of processing fees (in reply to: Consult)
Dear sir/madam,
I have posted a message to your office following the instruction on refund of processing fees in the last message I received from your office. This message has been posted for more than one month and yet to receive reply from you. I applied as an electrical and electronic engineering but could not find my occupational code.

The amount paid was five and hundred and fifty Canadian dollars.However my bank details are as follows;
NAME:Ojuogun Anthony Eshiafe
BANK:United Bank For Africa [plc]
ACCOUNT NUMBER:02660570007852

Tanks as I look forward for your reply.

Ojuogun Anthony Eshiafe
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