a small gloat from the west

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Subject: a small gloat from the west
  was out doing errands yesterday and it appears spring has sprung on the west coast. Crocuses are out, daffodils are starting to bloom... even the forsythia is popping out. The weatherman tells us we are running about 3 weeks late - who cares! The winter is finally over.

My biggest sign is the robins who are hanging around outside my bedroom window at 5 am this morning. They have the most annoying mating call imaginable. They sound like a truck backing up - over and over and over again with precision timing. I see that the chickadees are also starting to nest - at least they are cute :)

My favourite scene from yesterday was at the grocery store - it is SOOOO Vancouver. A guy with sandals, wool socks, shorts, a rain jacket and a toque.

Happy spring everyone!

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Socks with sandals so fashionable for west coast people. The rain coat is necessary though correct.

Well we still have a little snow on the ground in shady places but we are firing up the BBQ´s with Pacific Salmon LOL


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firing up the BBQ? I never put mine away!!!!
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Crocuses!! Daffodils!! forsythia!! robins!! you people of Vancouver have such beautifull animals there in west, I mised Vancouver lol
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