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Subject: Student visa when PR in process
  Hello all,

Can someone advise on this please. I submitted my application for PR to the Canadian High Commission in London in Nov. 2008 after receiving my CSQ and have yet to receive AOR. However, I´m looking to begin my PhD in Quebec in September 2009 and was wondering if my application for student visa wont be adversely affected by my application for PR (which has been in since last year!).

Thanks in anticipation of your advice

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You can try to obtain the student visa. You need to meet all the conditions for the issuance of student visa. Most important of which is that you need to provide strong evidence that in case your PR is not approved, you will return back to home country.

Having a PR application in process while applying for student visa does not mean autmatic denial. Quite a few people are issued study permit while their PR applications are in process.

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