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Subject: Messed Up
  I think I am looking for reassurance more so than anything else...
Submitted Spousal sponsorship forms to Mississauga oct 30 2008
Buffalo started processing file December 15 2008

Here´s where it all goes wrong :When I done my medical I thought the files would be sent to London, England, (I am from Ireland) but for various reasons I was able to submit the forms in Buffalo.
We sent a fax to Mississauga to confirm details about medical anyways on Wednesday Feb 18th we got a phone call from a CIC official in Ontario and she told us that buffalo had made a decision and that it was positive and we would have the letter within 7-10 working days...That has now gone and past and am F****d because eCas has not change and there is no sign of that letter.

Was it someone F*****G around with us or someone who made a mistake and who or where can we call to find out what the story is.

Tried buffalo they said they cannot comment/CIC help number thing cannot divulge anything and there no way to get Mississauga on the phone

What if anything can we do?

Declan Scully
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eCas didn´t update until my husband landed. Generally they don´t reveal the result of the decision, so I find this to be a bit strange. However that said, it did take almost 10 business days for us to get letters from the Visa Office.

Basically you need to sit tight and wait.

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