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Subject: benefits for my child
  Me and my husband have been planning to start a new life in Canada with my boy who will be 5yrs. Actually my boy is from my first marriage and i have his custody. His father has been neglecting him since he was born. My second husband has taken him as his own son, he gave him love and has filled all his needs. now that we are planning to move and take our son with us, the court has asked good reasons for taking the child to canada.

i would be grateful if you could provide me information on the benefits for my child to immigrate in canada.

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Child Benefits compared to what?

There has to be a starting point.

What benefits do you expect?

Free Education, Free Health Care, etc.


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in fact i need to show that how immigratig to canada will be beneficial for my 5yr old son. whether in his education or quality of life... anything!
please help me.

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