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Subject: For Sharon, Richard, Bill, Wannabe, Roy...
  This is from the same DC (Mr. negative).

We had a lot of heated debate in the past, however now I changed my negative idea about the Canadian job market a whole lot (not fully though).

I was active in job search here in US, after 3 weaks I got some good response. I curiously posted my resume in the workopolis and got one of the biggest surprise of my life. I can´t believe it. Looks like the Canadian employers are dying without me. Within 2 days I got 3 offers from the top employers in my field with excellent package just by telephone interviews. They are all trying to convince me now why I should join them. They are all in Toronto, though I had an idea that ON is dying and only AB has some oppurtunities. These folks all assured me to be safe in the next few years. I never felt myself so precious in my life. I am still not serious to move there, I got options here but this experiecne forced me to change my ideology upright and thought it is better to share with you all. I see nothing wrong in admitting this.

This may be exception, due to my field. Though manufacturing is ailing, but Govt. is spending a lot in the infrastructre development. I have no Canadian experience in my current field, but stil Canadian employers are after me like crazy which surpises me like anything. Looks like they at least honor the US experience in my field a lot.

However, I´ll still stick into my previous idea about the unnecessary mass immigration and the difficulty of finding jobs for the immigrants. Especially also entry level job searching horror (which foced me to move to the US) just fresh out of school (even Canadian). BUT, now I can comfortably conclude that if you have good US experience then the Canadian job market should be very open.

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it is very nice to hear from you. I have been wondering how things are going in your world. The employment news out of the US has been so bleak lately.

There are rumours that the gates are being narrowed to reduce the CIC intake until the economy improves. Experts still contend that we will have long term labour shortages without immigration but like you... I cannot accept inviting people without the ability to give them work.

I hope you and your family are doing well. We have missed you!

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Well DC, this doesn´t sound like you! The writing style more than the content, anyway.

I´m glad to hear that you got some positive news from the great white--and very frozen--north. We also found that US experience and education had validity in Canada, although admittedly it took quite a while longer to find suitable employment from across the border. I am curious whether you are seriously considering moving to Toronto at this time.

As for us, we are finding job opportunities back in the US that offer so much more than anything up here that we are starting to wonder how long we´ll hold out. Finances are only part of the picture of course, and I´m not too proud to admit that the isolation up here is seriously weighing us down. If we do choose to go back south, we are in a fortunate position in that my husband´s profession is one in high demand, and will continue to be particularly under the current administration. As you alluded to, this is critical to the success of any immigrants job search.

I´ve been wondering where you´ve been and hope to hear more from you. Please do keep us informed on what your plans are and how you feel about returning north.

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Things weren´t definitely going great for the for the last few weeks, I was laid of and wasn´t getting much hope in the first 2 weeks, but now I´m getting some responses. Though the worse part is nothing in Florida, FL is just empty.

I bought a home here and hence can´t think serioulsy to move Canada very easily, but I wish I would when I´m now sure that jobs are running after me. Now I see the pain of being an allien in a country. Though no offense, I knew this before and choses this by myself, no one enticed or promised me anything.

Thans for your concern.

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Wish you well in your future endevours, wether are in Canada or in the United States.

I am going to a Shriners convention in San Jose California
next week, I can´t wait!!!!
If you see in the news a 6´6" guy in a midget car, you would know who that is!!!



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I answered part of your questions already.

I am kind a stuck becasue of my home here. I´ve to relocate into other state and rent out my home here. From Canada it may be little tough for us to take care of the home. Also, I´ll loook back to return here as soon as I get some offer here which I´m sure will come when the economy will be stabilized. City wise, we both prefer here better than Toronto, though I am a professional will move anywhere I get a better chance.

Looks like my field is in super boom in Canada. I´m not certain about the next 2 years in the US which makes me more nervous, I will get a job now I know fr sure. But what´ll happen after 6 months none can say.

I´ve most of family members there though it is not a critical issue for us. We aren´t very social and prefer to spend time of our own rather than social gathering. So, isolation really doesn´t matter to us, may even work better.

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Thanks guy for bringing it up. I got your point. Yeah, leaving the US for Canada is never a wise decision.
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Hey there DC, we´ve all missed you here. It´s a good feeling to know that your skills are wanted. This gives you the kind of freedom of choice many people would love to have.

As you may remember in our past discussions and debates, I´ve always felt a major flaw with living in the States is the lack of medical coverage in the event of layoff (or any job loss). (Although this could change in the not too distant future with plans from the new administration.) But I guess my point is, if you were recently laid off, that should be an issue of concern at the top of your list. And obviously it wouldn´t be, if you were living in Canada.

But regardless, maybe you´ll reconsider and make the move back North. You can always sell your home (I assume even in this tight real estate market). This is also the case with us, and we´re still going forward with plans. Although the job offers of interest in my skills still flow more down here than from up there. Partly my fault, as I think I´m not trying hard enough, and need to update the resume, contact companies directly. Maybe instead, just open my own coffee shop or B&B as main business - something different.

Hope you stay in touch with us.

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Co-incidentally I just got the COBRA notice stating my right of the health coverage from my previous employer. We have to pay 472 / month to keep the past coverage, which is nothing but a cruel joke for the ones who are unemployed.

Since last year I was feeling unsafe here in job and was seriously thinking to apply for Australia. But now I know that I have no more major problem in Canada (job issue). It is a great feeling to say to the Canadian employers boldly that I don´t have any issue of work visa..AM A CANADIAN CITIZEN.

Right now I´ll ne just a loser if I sell my home, foe the time being will rent out and if I can´t get a ob here within the next 2 years then will sell it and move back to Canada.

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Could you please tell what your field is? It would be benificial for people like me who plan to move to Canada..I appreciate it.


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My primary field is Civil Engineering.

Specialization is in Transportation Engineering.