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  hi guys
we plan to land in canada for the first time soon to start pr card processing(skilled worker class) but want to stay there only for 2 weeks as we have to organize lot of things in our home country before we can settle permanently.
What about the goods to follow list? do we have to complete the list by first landing (we still do not know exactly what we will put in the container) or can we complete it when we plan to settle permanently (second landing)?
thank you for your help

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In order to bring your personal belongings in tax free when you settle in Canada, you must declare everything you intend to bring when you land. You only "land" once: when you arrive at the border with your PR visa for the first time.

At landing, you will first deal with immigration and then be directed to customs. Customs will check your GTF list and stamp it with the number of items you intend to bring in. You will have to show this same list to customs again when you settle permanently. They will then check it against the items you actually brought with you.

Be very thorough with your list. We went room by room, and wrote everything down in an Excel spreadsheet. We organized similar miscellaneous items like kitchen gear into approximately how many boxes we might fit them into. Don´t forget to include a close estimate--in CANADIAN dollars--of the value of each item.

If you are bringing your entire household into Canada, this sounds like a daunting task. However, we found it to be well worth while, as everything here is much more expensive than back home, or not available at all. It is worth putting your energy into making a list that customs can easily understand.

Good luck!

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