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your email seems to be bouncing. wanted to ask you something off the board.
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Respected Sir
I have applied for Immigration to Canada in Federal skilled class worker. My case has been refused. They have given me 64 marks. They have given me Zero marks for in adaptability factor.
The point assessed for me is:
Age 10
Experience 21
Education 25
Language 8
Adabtability 0
Total 64
i) My spouse is M.A and B.Ed. So there are total seventeen years of formal Education in her credit.
ii) She is also Associate Professor and is teaching in Government Degree College. My wife is 59 years old and she is going to retire next year.
Please I have already submitted all the required Documents regarding to my spouse, as mentioned in their checklist, earlier with my initial submission of application.. What should I do for reconsidering my case and gaining the points in adaptability factor because of my spouse higher qualification and experience?

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if she is retiring she is not going to assist your family income - hence no points.
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It was just a joke!

Where is your sense of humor

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One of the worst jokes I have ever heard in my life..
Tim Horton;s

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