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Subject: Spousal Sponsorship
  Hello Discussion group,

My wife before we were married was granted a Visitors Visa, but when she filled out her Visitors Visa applications, she made no mentioned that she was visiting me or that were engaged. She came to Canada and returned back to her country. I went to her country later for our wedding, now am back in Canada and I want to sponsor her. I am just wondering if this will effect our sponsorship applications..

Kind regards

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If anyone on this forum or site is interested in sharing their immigration and marriage story. Please contact Brishkay at chitchatiflms@yahoo.ca.

We are looking to include a variety of stories and cases and interested in hearing about your marriage and immigration situation.

We are also looking for Canadians who are trying to get their loved one here through a visitor or fiancee visa.


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Missing My Wife

Your wife did not misrepresent anything. There is no marital status of engaged as per the CIC forms.

Go for it and be positive but prove your relationship well.


Now Brishkay at Chitchat Films yahoo.ca anyone here knows that there is no way to get a fiance visa! Your research is so lacking!!!!

Visitor Visa yes but why would they issue a Visitor Visa when the process to sponsor a spouse is approximately six months from most Visa Posts with India and China being very fast?

The only thing one can do is apply for a Temporary Resident Permit to expedite the Landing and a copy of this form cost $200.00 can be found on the Buffalo Consulate site.


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Don´t keep missing her; keep yourself busy and take extra work hours as much as possible. The more you work, the more money you will make and hopefully get tired at the end of the day and will not have time or drive to miss the woman.
Medical Drama! (in reply to: Spousal Sponsorship)

I am English and am applying for a PR visa as the spouse of a Canadian from England. I had a medical at Christmas in Canada (it was cheaper) but the DMP now is not sure that he sent it off to Ottawa.

Is there anyway I can check with Ottawa whether they have a record of me?

To top it off the DMP has now changed his story to say that he never saw me! The clinic said that I only had a blood test even though I can relate in great detail the woman who gave me my chest exam and a conversation I had with the doctor himself about why on earth I would want to leave England (his words!).

My dilemma is now that my husband and I are waiting to send off the other immigration papers with only a receipt of a medical. Do you think I should just have another medical rather than wait and risk a delay in our processing time?

Also how can I make a complaint about the DMP?

Thank you in advance


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