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Subject: Proof of Funds at Landing
  Hi there,

I have been selected by Quebec as SW and got everything sorted from my country (UK) by the Canadian Embassy here.

I´m just wondering if do I need to prove the 3500 Canadian Dollars at the Airport or can I just show the funds available as I have got friends in Quebec who will give me accommodation for up to 3 months.

Please advise me on this issue.

Many thanks.

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You need to show the proof of funds which can be in the form of cash,demand draft, traveller´s cheques, bank statement from a bank in Canada, etc.
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Bank statement needs to be only from Canadian Bank ?
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You can actually have bank statment from any country which has no restriction on movement of funds to a foreign country.

You cannot expect a visa officer to have the list of countries, so, Canadian bank statements are recommended though, most visa officers will accept US bank statments also.

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