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Subject: Landing
I am a Federal SW landing soon and would like to know if I can land through Quebec. Flights from my country are much cheaper to Montreal. I will then use a domestic flight to my final destination, meaning I will not even leave the airport to get into the City. I wonder if Quebec will let me get in.

Also I will like to know if I can use a cheque from my bank in my home country to land or do I need to bring a travelers check or Money order. I would prefer the cheque as it is safer.

Thanks a bunch.

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It depends, technically you can land in Quebec as a federal skilled worker but will need to satisfy the officer that you are moving to another province and not staying in Quebec. One way would be to show that you are immediately travelling to another province and also have made accommodation arrangements in that province.
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Yes, I will have plans to land move immediately out of Quebec, within a few hours. I have plan ticket and will arrange for housing before leaving. Thanks.
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