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  I have a parent and brother in Canada. My brother is a Canadian citizen and mom is a PR. My brother did not mention that he had a brother and we don´t get along.

I want to apply as a skilled worker. Do I have to declare that I have a brother? It is immaterial to the application. If I do mention, will it have any impact on my application or affect my brother in anyway?

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In my opinion, mention in your application the status of both, your mother and your brother. I think it will be much easier for you to immigrate, besides if you have relatives in Canada you could get additional points on a skilled worker application.

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Of course you have to mention your family members, as requested on the application. The application doesn´t say "only mention them if you get along". Seriously! To not mention them is fraud. Plain and simple.
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is it necessary the ielts results for work permit applicant?could you refer me some address to access work permit?
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i am a diploma holder.i have been working as a CNC technician for past 9 years. is there any apportunity for me?
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Are you in Canada right now. Where do you have this experience. Contact me at for free advice, I work for an immigration consultancy firm. I dont charge anything, I volunteer to help people from all over worl, I can give you instructions on how to fo about immigrating, if you are interested.

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