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Subject: Waiting PR an Just got a Job offer in Canada
  Hi All,

I am applying as a skilled worker in Buffalo. I did my medical examination in July, 2008 and since that time I didn´t recevive any thing from immigration. My application status says "in process" we stareted processing your application in August,15th 2007.
2 days ago I recevied a job offer from a canadian company and they are willing to issue a work permit for me.

Would you please help me in the best way to handle this situation. If I send my job offer to Buffalo, do you think they will process my PR faster than the process of issuing a temporary work authorization.

The other information, my wife is canadaian but since I was already in the final stages of the skilled worker application, I didn´t start a new immigration application as a sponsorship one. I am not sure if she can fasten the process in anyway.

Your help is really appreciated.


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YOU NEED TO APPLY FOR WORK PERMIT USING THE job information and documentation. While doing so, they will ask if you have applied or desire to become PR; mention there about your PR appication and relevant info. Get work permit, move to Canada but let the CIC know of your changed address (if you have an attorney, leave the same addy and let him forward your landing papers etc when they arrive). You can send to CIC your job situation info but won´t change your processing speed!
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